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My dad and I say this all the time, and one day my brother made the mistake of dating a girl named Janet, and as soon as he said this, there was a pause and my dad and I both said; “Miss Jackson if you’re nasty!”… He never brought he around, I wonder why.

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My Dad is a deviant!

  • I went running yesterday for the first time in months, so of course I am walking like a freaking penguin right now.
  • I go to give my Dad a hug, and he laughs and asks me; "Why are you walking so funny? Been a really long time?,"
  • Then he snickers and goes to bed. <.<

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My Dad is singing Venus, by Bananarama while making French Toast! Yeah, my Dad’s cool. (:

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Today is my Dads Birthday!!!

And Happy Birthday to him!! I bought him madden 13 and my brother got him Fifa 13!! And to kick of the celebration we all wrestled for two hours!! Loved it!! I think he hates the fact that he is turning 41 but oh well he will get over it! (: I hope he has an amazing one. 

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My dad is a bad ass!! Reblog if yours is as well! (:

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